TeNet Software Consultants have been an extremely great asset to my company. Their reliability and work ethic are unparalleled to any vendors I’ve worked with in the past.

I am truly amazed at what they have helped my company accomplish with impossible deadlines and experimental solutions, all to get the job done to the clients’ exact specifications.

Jeremy Seda - Itanji Inc, Seattle,US

I have been working with Jasmeet and his company for many years. He is very professional and dedicated. The turn around time is very quick.

He gives excellent suggestions and works hard to get the project through. I am so happy to have found him years ago and have worked with him ever since.

He has helped me take three websites off the ground and they are all doing well now. I would recommend him to any one with out any hesitation.

Expertgyn - Dr. Adeeti Gupta

I was a little skeptical at first, outsourcing work to a company so far way from my business location. I need not have worried! TeNet Software Consultants continue to give me an excellent service.

All their staff are extremely helpful, knowledgeable and courteous.

Oppo-sites, Cumbria, UK

TeNetSoft is the best! They provide consistent, quality work, in a timely manner at great prices.

It’s hard to find a company that will stand behind everything they do, support it and do it with honesty and integrity. If that’s what you want, these are your guys!

Neonpalm Productions Inc., South Carolina, USA

I have worked closely with Tenet Software Consulting in developing a web based community. In this they have provided an outstanding service. They are highly skilled in all sides of web and database programming and also provide useful and creative ideas to the design side.

They are very efficient in getting the job done and I find them to be a very reliable company to work with. I can highly recommend them for companies who are looking for a fast, reliable, friendly and committed company to help you with your web development needs.

VFXrecruit, London, UK

In the 5 years of working with Tenet Software Consulting, we have found them to be a professional, reliable and committed company to work with.

There is someone always available to help and the team as a whole is a pleasure to work with. I would recommend TeNetSoft to anyone who is looking for web development solutions.

Insite Design UK, Berkshire, UK

I have been working with Jasmeet Singh and his staff since 2001 and have been pleasantly surprised with the efficiency, cost and enthusiasm this firms brings with each project. I am located in southern Florida and have routinely outsourced some critical projects to Jasmeet Singh and his staff, often bypassing firms that are less than 5 miles away.

Their initial professionalism is what sold me on the company, but their continued evolution is what keeps me a valued partner. I would recommend this firm to any professional design company as I will continue to build my company knowing that they are available for professional outsourced work.

Don’t forget us when you’re famous!

Affordable Websites, Georgia, US

We were referred to TeNetSoft by our co-location service provider. Because of the personal recommendation, we expected good service at a reasonable charge. However, our relationship from the inception of the project through its various phases was much better than we have ever experienced elsewhere.

His firm helped us formalize what we were really after and provided excellent programming within its quote and delivered as promised. His firm’s programming expertise was exactly what we needed, including MS SQL programming, CSS, ASP, and HTML coding.

It was a most pleasant relationship and I will certainly seek their skills in the future when the need arises. I highly recommend them.

Info To Go, California, USA

TeNetSoft has done an outstanding job for our company designing and implementing database management and e-commerce systems for our clients. They have stuck to their proposal in both the time of execution as well as cost to complete.

I would highly recommend TeNetSoft to anyone seeking an extremely competent, professional and cost effective organization to meet their programming needs.

Innovative Technologies Group Inc., USA

Indeed, our Head of Programming Services based in New Delhi,India conducts each project with precise scrutiny and a level of professionalism that reflects the conduct of all Montague Tate staff.

As a result, all the programming elements of a project are automatically awarded to his company.

Mr. Iain Stansfield, Montague Tate Limited

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