Digital Farming – Sensor Tracking & Reporting System

Project Category: BIG Data & Internet of Things (IoT)

System Summary

Developed an application for a company who install Environmental Sensors on Big Agricultural Farms in USA near Seattle. System Receives Information or Alerts from Sensors and send it to the Client/Farmer via E-mail OR SMS. As the data is received in Real time and Farmer can initiate immediate corrective actions to manage their Fields/Locations.

Technicians Physically Install the Radios and Configure them by

  1. Entering their Map Co-ordinates (Integrated with Google Maps)
  2. Entering Alert Thresholds
  3. Setting -up the Gateways

Types of Sensors

  1. Rain Gauge
  2. Relative Humidity
  3. Air Temperature
  4. Soil Moisture & Temperature (at 4′, 8′, 12′, 16′ & 20′ inches)
  5. Precipitation.

Data is shown in various formats like

  1. Sensor Alerts Integrated with Google Maps
  2. List or Text Format
  3. Graph Format with the ability to change time intervals and archive data
  4. Widget Format

System is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) & System Flow Details with Demo Login can be seen in PDF File – str_system.pdf   (1.8 MB)


Previous Phase – Geo-spatial Tank Monitoring System for Agricultural Sector using Sensor Tracking

System Demo at

Brief System Flow

  1. System has been developed for ATS –  They will enter Farmer information who are buying Chemicals and installing Tanks from Big Chemical companies.
  2. System will receive input from various Sensors.
  3. Its Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  4. Currently, the system will only monitor Tanks which contain chemicals, fertilizers etc.
  5. Tanks details are added in the system by ATS administrator.
  6. Tanks are identified by Tank ID’s which is a number corresponding to the sensor that is physically installed in the tank.
  7. Farmer Information is also added by ATS administrator.
  8. One farmer can be linked to multiple tanks i.e. he can receive the information from multiple tanks.
  9. As soon as level of tank content drops below a system defined critical point an Email & SMS is send to the administrator/farmer urging them to take corrective steps.
  10. Sensors submit the data to Adcon server in XML format and the system retrieves it and shows it integrated on Google Maps. Example
  11. System can also be programmed to show manually entered data of single or multiple locations. It can be very useful for a host of sectors like construction, NGO’s etc as critical information and relevant data is instantly shown on screen or send across via email OR SMS.

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Benefits of Tank Monitoring at

For any questions of clarifications please contact Jasmeet Singh at “jasmeet (dot) singh (at) tenetsoft (dot) com” – single word without spaces

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