E-commerce has caused a paradigm shift in people’s view of the Internet. From just being a medium to receive and take information it has become a medium of doing business.

We’ve been offering extensive services to our clients in this arena and have watched them grow from being vendors of couple of products with just small 3 – 4 page listings to huge online stores which offer thousands of products to end customers. We’ve helped them in putting all the required functionalities in place including Paypal integration for clients with small volume to popular payment gateway integration for clients with large volume.

We’ve also developed and integrated various other functionalities which help e-commerce websites like Inventory management, Integration of order delivery with API’s of popular courier companies like FedEx and DHL and anything else that helps our client succeed in the highly competitive world of online business.

It comes as no surprise that almost 50% of projects we do have some form of e-commerce functionality built in them.

In last few years we’ve been successfully customizing and implementing E-commerce modules in popular Content Management Systems (CMS). We’ve even implemented e-commerce functionality in social networking sites using DRUPAL to receive donations.

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