Big Data Analytics

Number of people and devices connected to the Internet has grown exponentially in the last few years – and their use of Internet is producing large amounts of data.

Traditional Business Analytics Solutions and Database structures are unable to store such data leave aside perform any sort of analytics operation on it!

New techniques have been developed to store such large amount of data and perform Analytics on it to uncover

  • Hidden Patterns
  • Correlations
  • Market Trends
  • Customer Preferences

Armed with this information organizations are able take an informed business decision to increase productivity and profitability!

Since traditional database structures are unable to support Big Data new set of OpenSource Structures, Tools and Functionalities have been created. Some of them are Hadoop, Hapoop YARN, MapReduce, Spark, HBase, Hive etc.

We can perform Big Data Analytics using the above Tools and Functionalities for businesses to take informed decisions.

Recent Application falling under the category of Big Data Analytics and Internet of Things – Digital Farming – Sensor Tracking & Reporting System.

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